Aercoustics Offices – Toronto

  • Client Aercoustics,
  • size 10,000 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Toronto, Canada,
  • Industry Construction / Engineering,
  • iN STUDIO has realized the new offices for sound engineering firm Aercoustics, located in Toronto, Canada.

    When Toronto-based sound engineering firm Aercoustics wanted a new office to showcase them as the go-to player in the acoustics space, they engaged esteemed interior design firm iN STUDIO to realize their new 10,000 square-foot workspace. Primarily known for their work in architecture, workspaces, and performance halls, Aercoustics has been perfecting the art of sound engineering for more than 40 years. The brand wanted their new office to position them as thought leaders as well as engineers, and to clearly communicate the dynamic nature of the company and the services they offer.

    The office uses space to convey Aercoustics’ young, progressive, and growing company culture. Visitors are immediately greeted by the firm’s ongoing buzz of activity, belying the constant innovation going on inside the walls. Green and natural elements are integrated throughout, juxtaposed with transparent materiality to give the office an open, connected feel and allowing for abundant natural light. A minimalist color palette and inspirational graphics stimulate creativity and demonstrate Aercoustics’ commitment to innovation.

    Drawing on the principle that good acoustic design is often invisible, Aercoustics wanted their new office to sound better than it appears. The space is fresh and relaxed, conveying an industrial vibe, with double height ceilings. An acoustical spray was applied to the ceiling, to assist in creating an ideal acoustic environment. The main floor area serves largely as a workspace, with active meeting rooms showcasing the ideal acoustic control and state-of-the-art technology. All new interior walls for these areas were built according to Aercoustics’ specifications, ensuring optimal effectiveness for open workspace and essentially becoming a test lab for future acoustic implementation.

    A standout element of Aercoustics’ office is “The Bridge,” a state-of-the-art sound simulation studio that is changing the landscape of acoustical engineering. Brought to life by iN STUDIO, The Bridge combines virtual reality video with ambisonics audio, allowing Aercoustics’ acoustical engineers to turn static data into a tangible, three-dimensional experience. Through its advanced audio system and modeling processes, The Bridge is able to create accurate reproductions of all types of acoustic scenarios, providing clients an opportunity to understand exactly how their space would sound upon completion.

    DesigneriN STUDIO
    Photography: courtesy of iN STUDIO