Société Générale Offices – Belgrade

  • Client Société Generale,
  • size 3,767 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Belgrade, Serbia,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • ArcoSITE designed the office for financial services giant Societe Generale located in Belgrade, Serbia.

    The French financial services and investment bank, Société Générale, has renewed the image of its flagship branch offices in the Serbian cities of Belgrade and Novi Sad, towards a more modern aesthetic, in line with the visual identity of other European branches. In order to improve customer service and become the largest bank in Serbia, a new business approach was needed which, in addition to making changes in the roles of staff, involved a strong commitment to technology and a space design based on customer experience, with offices that have moved away from their traditional role, as places used for physical transactions, to become digitalised.

    Create a renewed environment, where customers feel comfortable and relaxed, in contrast to traditional bank branches, which are generally strict and formal. This was the premise that Société Générale gave ArcoSITE, who took on the project of redesigning both offices. Based on a preliminary concept created by the bank, together with a London agency, the Serbian architecture studio carried out the interior design project, as well as selecting materials and furniture, and performed complete construction works, interior furnishing and

    Located in two historic 350 square metre buildings in the centre of Belgrade and Novi Sad, both offices take up the two floors of buildings used exclusively for the bank. The completely glazed continuous façade allows lots of natural light to enter a cosy and friendly interior that opens out to pedestrians.

    To enhance the warmth that the bank wishes to transmit to its customers, materials such as wood and textiles are combined with striking wall coverings and floors with different finishes, including carpets, rigid core PVC floors, Wood design LVT flooring and ceramic tiles.

    The furniture combines custom made pieces with Actiu furniture, chosen by ArcoSITE due to “its ergonomics, ease of use, functionality and a unique design that brings exclusivity to the space and responds to Société Générale’s new work philosophy”.

    The primary colours chosen coincide with Société Générale’s corporate colours, red and black, combined with neutral grey tones and others typical of wood.

    A large central space, with an information desk, an ATM area and another waiting area, welcomes visitors in both branches. The perimeter and the upper floor are reserved for offices and semi-closed meeting rooms, with colourful and geometric glass partitions that enhance visual fluidity.

    Without giving up on its corporate identity, but committing to a much warmer and current aesthetic, in line with new workspaces, Société Générale has renewed its image in Serbia. To this end, it has created offices built around aspects such as transparency, flexibility, dynamism, technology, digitalisation, proximity and a certain homely nature, with which the French bank is reinventing banking.

    Furniture: Actiu
    Photography: courtesy of Actiu