Oh My Cream Offices – Paris

  • Client Oh My Cream,
  • size 3,013 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Paris, France,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • Factory Aménagement has created a feminine aesthetic for the offices of beauty brand, Oh My Cream, located in Paris, France.

    Founded by Juliette Levy Cohen in 2013, Oh My Cream’s mission is to select the cleanest and most effective brands to initiate the women to the best for their skin. CityReal X Factory partners for the last 2 years, have offer a turnkey project from the research to the interior design of the premises.

    The last months experiencing a strong expansion, the company has to move in a new headquarter to deal with the arrival of new talents. The entire project has been designed to match with the DNA and the codes of the brand.

    The new premises of 280 square meters offer a great natural clarity. The office and meeting rooms are equipped with glass partitions to delimit the spaces without closing the field of vision. The different hubs have been arranged with pretty benches of 4 to 6 people. Customer service, the key hub of the brand, has been totally partitioned in order to be able to respond to customers demands without disturbing other employees.

    The office has the characteristic to have a hybrid room : half meeting room/half bathroom. Indeed, it was important for the brand to have a space dedicated to the presentation and the test of its products and to have the opportunity to receive the journalists and beauty bloggers.

    The decor of the premises is feminine, modern and sophisticated. The color codes of the brand have been used to bring a pastel touch and soften the total white look. Some decorative elements like bouquets if dried flowers have been arranged to personalize the office. The headquarter of Oh My Cream has been designed in the same vein as the shops and wants to be a real temple of beauty.

    The team enjoys a new lunch area equipped with a custom kitchen with minimalist, practical and elegant furnitures. Like at home, the premises are user-friendly and adapted to the everyday needs of employees, so the team feel valued and evolve in a sphere that is conducive to well-being.

    DesignFactory Aménagement
    Photography: Agathe Tissier