American Gas Association Offices – Washington DC

  • Client American Gas Association,
  • size 29,000 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Washington DC, United States,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Hickok Cole Architects have designed the offices for the American Gas Association, located in Washington DC.

    American Gas Association (AGA) represents over 200 energy companies supplying natural gas to homes and businesses throughout the United States. This renovate-in-place project had many challenging aspects, including a floor plate that divided the office resulting in a spatial and cultural division between employees. The design team was challenged with bringing employees together, creating a functional home for AGA’s members, exemplifying the organization’s mission throughout the space, appealing to a multi-generational workforce, and increasing openness and natural light.

    The design incorporates a centrally located café, coffee bar and reception lounge area to link the two sections of the office. This provides connection between the workspace and conference rooms and encourages employees and visitors to activate the reception area throughout the day.

    The materiality of the space is inspired by elements of natural gas delivery and extraction and connects employees, members, and visitors to AGA’s mission. Symbolic gestures of AGA’s work expressed in the space include: a custom-tufted banquette reminiscent of a natural gas pipeline, graphic patterns inspired by shale, reclaimed stove grates as artwork, and ceramic tile produced in a natural gas kiln. The most dominant expression of AGA’s mission is visible in the sinuous patterns of the slat ceiling inspired by the gas flame. The ceiling visually expands the space, offsets low ceilings, and visually leads visitors from the entrance through the large conference center.

    The design incorporates a variety of workspaces, amenities, and furniture settings to appeal to a multi-generational workforce while enhancing productivity, employee satisfaction and recruitment.

    DesignHickok Cole Architects
    Design Team: Molly Johnson, Sean Wayne, Annie McCall, Rebecca Kelly, Sarah Barr
    ContractorHITT Contracting
    PhotographyGarrett Rowland