Jinmao Green Building Technology Offices – Beijing

  • Client Jinmao,
  • size 37,673 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Beijing, China,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • Serendipper was engaged to design the Jinmao Green Building Technology offices located in Beijing, China.

    Beijing office area of Jinmao Green Building, committed to building an office base and a business hub for an innovative, interactive and fast-developing team, and to creating an external display window that is oriented in science and technology and highlights corporate culture.

    There are three floors in the entire office area, and cafeteria is in the basement of this building. As the 5th floor of the space for scientific and technological research and development, it keeps a keynote of calm and concise blue.

    As a creative, passionate and vigorous employee office area, the 6th floor is the center of talent gathering, with warm red as the keynote. This floor is an employee office area, which combines two different fields of rigorous office work and high-tech technology to present a distinct visual effect, Under the concept of being close to nature as the leading factor.

    There not only condenses the crowd and encourages interactive communication, but also creates a relaxed atmosphere that inspires inspiration for public areas and creates a comfortable, natural and relaxed Working space.

    The 7th floor is with green as the main keynote. The design of the electric rotary glass door between the waiting negotiation area and the large conference room, Whether it is turned on or off, it can maintain visual continuity.

    The new office area is dedicated to strengthening the interaction between teams, improving team awareness, and promoting the flow of people in the entire office space. At the same time, we also hope to provide comfortable, vibrant, energy-saving, efficient and sustainable development space planning, and take the physical and mental health of employees into consideration. The philosophy of energy conservation and healthy life is conducive to stimulating the creativity and cooperation of a new office space for Jin Mao Green-building.

    Design: Serendipper
    Design Team: Fugao Chen, Tianlu Cai
    Photography: Zhang Lin, Geng Xushan, Shang Yuhao