Cinnamon AI Labs Offices – Hanoi

  • Client Cinnamon AI LAB,
  • size 11,022 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Hanoi, Vietnam,
  • Industry Technology,
  • D+Studio has completed the offices for Cinnamon AI Labs, a technology company, located in Hanoi, Vietnam.

    In our perspective, office is not just a workspace. This is also a space for sharing, interacting, inspiring and moreover, it is a space for conveying messages, business philosophy to internal staff as well as customers.

    Cinnamon Project is a project we approach and build concept based on the above criteria. We named this concept of Dplus as “Blue core” after analyzing and researching customers.

    Cinnamon AI LAB is a technology company, their products revolve around artificial intelligence. We want to turn all the meeting spaces in this project into interactive points, This is a very used space in this project. We receive information and understand our customers’ needs. Since then the concept of “blue core” was born.

    The main color of the project is exploited from the color range in Cinnamon’s brand identity, we choose blue to preserve the concept of blue core, this is a color that evokes the technology in the whole project.

    The arrangement of interactive points scattered throughout the project will make the space more flexible, this is also the added value of connectivity of the entire project. The curves elements are calculated to be included in the overall design to increase openness and interaction among regions, and Dplus must also calculate to meet the demand for work space for nearly 200 employees of customers.

    This is a project we put a lot of emotion into during the design and construction process. Hopefully by understanding and sympathizing with customers, we can accompany more customers in future projects.

    Design Team: Toan Bui, Huong Nguyen, Phuong Doan, Cuong Nguyen
    PhotographyThien Thach