Willis Towers Watson Offices – São Paulo

  • Client Willis Towers Watson,
  • Year 2019
  • Location Sao Paulo, Brazil,
  • Industry Insurance,
  • Perkins and Will has created the vibrant offices of Willis Towers Watson, leading global advisory, broking and solutions company, located in São Paulo, Brazil.

    Perkins and Will São Paulo’s studio signed the project for Willis Towers Watson’s new Latin America Headquarters. The design for the leading global advisory, broking and solutions company’s new office was inspired by São Paulo’s identity and one of the city’s most iconic architectural landmarks, Parque do Ibirapuera, featuring many references to the park’s encounter between nature, art and construction.

    In order to meet Willis Towers Watson’s corporate culture – which places a strong emphasis on connecting office design to the local community, landscape and culture – vibrant colours were used in all of the areas in reference to São Paulo’s iconic graffiti walls. The cafeteria has two graffiti-like murals and a breathtaking view from the city’s skyline.

    Another reference to São Paulo’s identity is the city’s sidewalk design reproduced in the main reception’s carpet. The mix of materials such as wood and concrete is another mention to the city’s encounter of nature and urbanity.

    Organic lines and a green coloured portico delimit the staff area, placed at the floorplan’s extremities to provide the employees with an astonishing view to Marginal Pinheiros.

    Since Willis Towers Watson has an advanced Agile Working program, they’ve engaged Perkins and Will to help create a free address, flexible office specifically designed to meet the needs of the company’s new ways of working.

    Through unaddressed workstations connected to sensors that inform wether they are being used, employees now have the choice of different work settings to support the activity they wish to do with a special focus on collaboration and interaction.

    Small tables, stations and niches were distributed along the office for quick and informal meetings, bringing more flexibility to the office and incentivizing integration and collaborative work.

    DesignPerkins and Will
    Design Team: Fernando Vidal, Danielle Superti, Lyara Maurutto, Fábio Jungstedt, Ana Thereza Sacchi, Rodrigo Gianoni, Fernando Sunao, Clariane Nogueira, Laís Tonso and Cesar Tadao
    PhotographyRenato Navarro