Herman Miller Showroom – Hefei

  • Client Herman Miller,
  • size 4,521 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Hefei, China,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • HQGK Design has completed the exhibition showroom design for iconic furniture company, Herman Miller, located in Hefei, China.

    HQGK Design experienced another new challenge in 2019. It was invited by Herman Miller Hefei agent Hezhile Furniture Co., Ltd. (HZLspace) to create the exhibition space for a 100-year-old American furniture company in Hefei, China.

    Herman Miller is a famous furniture company focused on one thing – to make us sit more comfortable. Herman Miller’s ergonomic chair is synonymous to world’s top seats and are known as “the most comfortable office chairs in the world”. When bosses want to let their employees to voluntary work overtime they secretly replace all the chairs with Herman Miller. Facebook headquarters and the White House has chosen Herman Miller as the first choice for office furniture.

    The Eames Lounge & Ottoman, is the chair that Jobs also praised. This recliner has been selected as one of the “10 most comfortable chairs available in the world”. It has been permanently collected by the MOMA Modern Museum in the United States. It has been selling since 1956.

    What kind of space design can meet the requirements of a world-class design company with an annual revenue of 15 billion? The designers of HQGK Design provided the satisfactory solution.

    By walking into the company, we first feel open and transparent space. The whole exterior has been designed entirely in glass partitions. The outdoor scenery is completely visible. HQGK Design specially designed a number of rest areas, mostly facing the window. For the time being, you can look away from the busy work, cast the sight to a distant landscape, set a small afternoon tea to save energy for the next work target. Abandoning the boring office partition and large-area solid color carpet, the transparent glass and color are also used to divide the functional areas – conference area, negotiation area, office area, rest area, and each other has obvious separation. The Herman Miller design philosophy advocates separation of work and rest, so that you do not sit on the work chair if you want to rest. HQGK Design also designed the office space, conference area, and many rest areas according to the design concept of Herman Miller. It faces the scenery outside the building, and the busy office employees can not only relax on the back of an Herman Miller. They can also get comfortable with the wide visual.

    HQGK Design has designed a number of meeting scenarios, two-person, four-person, company collective, simulating various possible use scenarios, and by let ting clients to know that Herman Miller’s chair can meet various needs for their business. And you can meet all kinds of need to the extreme.

    DesignHQGK Design
    Design Team: Kevin Lin, Julian Zhu
    Photography: Shanghai Yingshan Cultural Diffusion Co.