S&P Real Estate Offices – Vancouver

  • Client S&P Real Estate,
  • size 2,290 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Vancouver, Canada,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • SSDG Interiors Inc. completed the design and build of the luxurious offices of S&P Real Estate located in Vancouver, Canada.

    Evoking the refined luxury of the international real estate developments that they market, the new office of S&P Real Estate is a marriage of rich materials with bespoke design elements to convey the same high-end sophistication that is expected of their clients. The overall impact of the space was achieved by focusing on the inclusion of unexpected and well-executed details creating the perfect backdrop to showcase their premier developments.

    Being collaborative and pushing the boundaries of the expected made this small office space feel like no single element was over-looked. From each thoughtfully considered surface and intersection down to the smallest detail, the space exudes care and high design. Every corner of the space is well thought through and designed with intention, including the exploration of vertical spaces to capitalize on a sense of space. The overall experience is ultimately refined and luxurious.

    Design: SSDG Interiors Inc.
    Design Team: Kenna Manley, Annie Woolsey
    PhotographyBarrie Underhill