K.S. Buro Offices – Moscow

  • Client K.S. Buro,
  • size 5,382 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • T+T Architects has designed the modern K.S. Buro offices, a furniture company located in Moscow, Russia.

    New office space for K.S. Buro was not only to become a modern and efficient place for work but also a spectacular showroom of office furniture that the company produces and sells. We are very familiar with this customer, so it was not difficult for our team to consider all main business processes as well as the future project owner’s exceptional requirements and habits.

    The basis of the idea we took is not classic show-room model, exhibition or office space. The effect in such places is built by light spaces without accents where visitor’s attention focused on exhibited objects. We decided to make a very private and chamber space, which will encourage unhurried and trusting communication with customers, careful consideration of catalogs and samples.

    That is why the interior is specially created in soft dark colors with separate accents made of copper wall or soft-trimmed purple wall in the conference room. Special attention is paid to the interior’s details. Reception zone is decorated with hot rolled steel sheets varnished with special lacquer. It makes it velvety to touch. Customized metal partition walls of the meeting room and entrance zone are made in Loft style. In addition, interior includes hidden three-meter doors and composition’s central object – the piano. In the show room, there is a slight theatricality effect. For example, exhibition area of office chairs, located by a copper wall, is fenced with Museum Ballards. On the opposite side, there is a black painted wall with a horn, on which a jazzman is projected.

    DesignT+T Architects
    Design Team: Truhanov Sergey, Voevodina Polina
    PhotographyAlexey Dovgulya