NBA Offices – Mumbai

  • Client NBA,
  • size 5,900 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Mumbai, India,
  • Industry Entertainment, Sports,
  • M Moser Associates recently completed the design for the NBA offices located in Mumbai, India.

    NBA’s new Mumbai experience centre is the first of its kind in India. With a significant following across the country, the space was born from a desire to build closer connection with local audiences and increase awareness of both the game and the NBA brand. There was a need for a new workplace design that would reflect the youthful, athletic and lively culture of the league.

    Enhancing engagement with basketball
    The experience centre’s principal function would be to build and promote awareness about basketball and the NBA brand. Designed for around 60 people, it serves as an arena and a forum for small events as well as a hosting space for visiting players. The centre also functions as a showcase space to welcome senior marketing and brand leaders facilitating corporate partnerships with NBA. Ensuring that end users can experience close proximity to the game, the space addresses “information” as an identifying factor. Equipped with bleacher seating and iPads to browse digital material at ease, the workspace incorporates flip screens featuring player images and profiles. To enhance connection to the brand, merchandise displays showcase basketball memorabilia such as jerseys, footwear, basketballs and other branded gear.

    Work meets play
    For NBA, happier, more fulfilled employees are more productive. The collaborative space has therefore been designed with a social approach providing dynamic, fresh and continually engaging experiences throughout. This provides opportunity for employees to interact and play between work. Though the new NBA workspace is a strong testimony to the lively essence of the game, it also supports productive collaboration. The new workspace maintains privacy by providing a quiet, acoustically considered work environment to help employees work efficiently.

    Addressing local needs
    One of the main challenges the M Moser team faced was maintaining the balance between global and local client expectations from the workspace. Combining global space standards with Indian market standards required careful consideration. “Design-wise, we had to accommodate local design needs while respecting the NBA’s global workspace standards. For example, in India, employees feel the need for more privacy and more storage space. We provided unique workstations and implemented storage facilities that can divide the space into a semi-private work zone”, shares Project Leader, Kiran Vetal.

    Translating dynamic movement into design
    As a fast-paced and energetic sport that requires great speed and agility, the team needed to look no further than the game itself for design inspiration. “Design fluidity in the NBA office was achieved through space planning, the use of transparent materials as well as fluid forms and shapes. This concept enabled us to create a seamless transition between the experience center and office space,” Neha Sethi, the project’s Lead Designer, highlights.

    A 360 brand experience
    Basketball has a committed following of 17 million in India, with considerable patronage from younger generations under the age of thirty-five. Combining the high-spiritedness of the game with all the amenities of a futuristic and connected workspace, the NBA experience center celebrates the nature of the sport and its heritage, while providing a unique user journey for employees, visitors and fans.

    Design: M Moser Associates
    Photography: PHX India