Private Financial Services Firm Offices – Bangalore

  • Client
  • size 25,000 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Bangalore, India,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Symmetrics Development Services was asked to design the offices for a private financial services firm, located in Bangalore, India.

    A conscious, future-ready workspace for a Financial services firm.

    One of the recent projects of Symmetrics Development Services Pvt. Ltd. was for a global financial services firm, where we came up with a concept of ‘Collabreation’ (Collaborative Creation), purely designed to inspire people to think on their feet.

    With changing times, the idea of work and workspace is evolving constantly. Today, organizations talk extensively about talent, retaining the talent and making the most of the resources at disposal – be it innovation or insights. As a result, there is a need to constantly rework and overhaul the existing workspace theories and create tailor-made, versatile and sustainable spaces. And with every project, Symmetrics is taking a step towards designing workspaces that stand the test of time and the workspace for this firm is a prime example of it.

    The workspace exemplifies a balance of colors, textures, and patterns keeping with brand colors on the walls, carpets, and furniture. Going ahead with a simple thought process of designing spaces that enable socializing, tactical interactions, collective problem-solving, and public addresses – Symmetrics works as a perfect bridge between the thought and final design that we see for this space.

    There is a mix of varied types and configurations of workstations – from height-adjustable workstations, activity-based workstations to collab streets and booth spaces – that caters to different kinds of workstyles and ensures that there is a choice for everyone. The workstations are ergonomically sound and mutates to the needs, ensuring the well-being of the employees and the organization. While the baffles in the ceiling have been used smartly to enhance the aesthetics and acoustic effects of the space (with a play of colors), the collab streets have been optimally placed alongside workstations for ad-hoc discussions. In addition, the usage of planters as space separators adds a breath of fresh air to the space.

    Co-creation. Collaboration. Cozy. Comfortable. This workspace perfectly blends all the ingredients in the right quantities. It is a testament to Symmetrics’ understanding of modern-day trends and needs. The workspace embodies the power of creating a sense of community and encourages a healthy, holistic relationship amongst the employees. The beauty is in its subtlety and the conscious nature that accommodates all the senses and sensibilities, making it a modern, sustainable workspace.

    Design: Symmetrics Development Services