SEBANG Offices – Seoul

  • Client SEBANG,
  • size 1,884 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Seoul, South Korea,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • YLAB recently finished the design of the SEBANG offices, a battery manufacturing company, located in Seoul, South Korea.

    Sebang has been one of Korea’s leading general logistics companies ever since its foundation in 1965, including the unloading, transportation, storage and installation of BULK cargos. As a company with 55 years of history, the welfare of the employees and culture of the company have been given a great deal of thought to, as well as striving for a suitable work environment.

    So Sebang was not just looking for trendy designs and general functions, but also wanted to create an office dedicated only to their company and focused on the history and story of Sebang.

    The space was designed with a concept titled “THE BOX” for the greatness of the container long produced by Shebang.

    It was essential for the design of the space to be efficient and functional. To ensure efficient function, YLAB has delivered a work environment based on data where the functional space is separated as well as designated space based on analysis of the area. The design of desks, partitions, individual lockers, etc. were also chosen through thorough data

    Recently, the concept and space of office work requires a lot of change. In the midst of such change, we always have the space and medium to actively apply when designing an office space. The lounge is an open space where employees can meet naturally and come up with ideas in casual meetings. It is a space that encourages creative thinking.

    Due to the recent issues regarding fine dust as well as environmental pollution, it is an area where not only individuals but also companies are paying a lot of attention to. Plants not only provides warmth and richness in the office work space, but also provides thanks to nature the separation of space and fresh air.

    YLAB has realized the story of Sebang in the interior design of their offices. A space that is functional and fit for the company to create their own culture.

    Design: YLAB
    Photography: Yeo Inwoo