Coruscate Solutions Offices – Surat

  • Client Coruscate Solutions,
  • size 4,359 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Surat, India,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • STUDIO 17 has designed the new offices of Coruscate Solutions, a software company located in Surat, India.

    A contemporary office space designed to satisfy the client requirements took on a new character when read in context of site. the designer try to instill a sense of freshness and quirkiness in the design using a variety of colours and textures, allowing the design to breathe through the elements of the space.

    Cities can be modern and future-ready without losing touch with their past. It is this intersection of old and new, of tradition and technology, of the ancient with the freshly-minted that creates a distinctive character. Here, the noise and bustle of the marketplace hold their own ground against the steel and glass of high-rise buildings. this office reflects this very character of Surat city. the transitory nature of this office space gives a great opportunity to create an environment which is natural, raw and textured with rough and unfinished edges and depicting the urban sprawl just like the city it belongs to. it’s a place of rich and varied contrasts: Where the ancient thrives alongside the brand-new, where the past and the future co-exist.

    Design: STUDIO 17
    Design Team: Mayur Mangukiya, Ankit Sojitra, Radhika Savani, Nency Sakariya, Uttam Chauhan, Dhruvik Panwala, Dixit Narola, Arshit Khunt, Rahul Gajera
    Photography: Ira Gosalia