Haldia Petrochemicals & TCG Offices – Mumbai

A workspace inspired by Japanese culture and aesthetic, Haldia Petrochemicals & TCG's new office in Mumbai is defined by its fresh and contemporary feel.

  • Client Haldia Petrochemicals, The Chatterjee Group,
  • size 11,000 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Mumbai, India,
  • Industry Construction / Engineering,
  • Ultraconfidentiel Design designed the offices for Haldia Petrochemicals & The Chatterjee Group (TCG) located in Mumbai, India.

    The team processed, analysed and drew inspiration from Japanese culture, a specific request from the client, and interpreted its application to the entire space. The resultant innovation was the creation of an amorphous shape in wood which is constantly customized in various manner along the entire space at TCG Mumbai. A wave of a constant emotional feeling is characterized through the space effortlessly with a multitude of simple wooden pieces.

    The entire impression of luxury with the wooden baffles is carried from the reception area to the Chairman’s office and the overall effect is magnified and highlighted along its walls with the use of high-end materials like leather, marble, brass and wooden flooring. Likewise the large table in the Board Room forms the cynosure of all eyes in the room, with its brass inlay work in marble that replicates an art-piece which had caught the eye of the Chairman’s family.

    The selection of material was the main challenge. Ultraconfidentiel, as in every project, wanted to produce a high-end luxurious look & feel using a neutral and natural selection of specific materials. The result is a perfect harmony between minimalism approach and plush feeling, using same elements which would be repeated in different forms all over in order to form a coherent flow and narrative. A new approach for the next generation of high-end offices where the refinement and elegance is given by the wise use of natural materials and attention to details.

    A subtle grey and white atmosphere, with the presence of greens give to the workstation area a fresh and contemporary feeling. Materials as wood for task lights align desks to produce a calming effect, which is also bright, natural and cozy. The cabins follow the same language in terms of the materials used to translate into a formal look and feel. Organic and abstract elements, preserved plants brought in from Italy, glazed glass in cabins and corridors and the soft curved seating in the cafeteria, all merge into a coordinated yet differently interpreted design to link the inside with the outside.

    Design: Ultraconfidentiel Design
    Photography: Yamini Krishna