Porsche Headquarters – Shanghai

Porsche has transitioned from a traditional concept to an open floor plan with few private offices, a highly collaborative space for the luxury car company's Shanghai headquarters.

  • Client Porsche,
  • size 139,930 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • anySCALE completed the design for the headquarters campus of luxury car manufacturer, Porsche, located in Shanghai, China.

    For this project, Porsche tasked anySCALE with the challenge of designing their new China headquarters based in Shanghai at the Lu Jia Zui Financial Plaza. With a team headed by Simon Berg, director of anySCALE Shanghai, the project design was completed in August 2018.

    The new Shanghai Porsche headquarters project was designed as a progressive open plan office with a minimum number of private offices. In addition, there were multiple dedicated spaces in the east and west wings for special tasks such as focus rooms, quiet rooms, and more. As the new design required a work philosophy change from the traditional office concept Porsche previously used to a highly active-based one, a core challenge of the project was the educational work needed to help Porsche in this transition.

    In addition, great care was taken by the anySCALE team to ensure that the new Porsche headquarters would meet WELL Certification™ Gold standards. To become WELL Certified™, the built environment must ensure the highest attention to those factors which impact human health and wellbeing; namely air purification, water quality, healthy food availability, light sources, fitness, comfort, and mental health. By including resources such as an on-site kitchen and gym in the design schematics, anySCALE made sure no stone was left unturned when it came to quality-of-life for employees working at the new Porsche headquarters.

    As such, anySCALE needed to find a way to evolve the Porsche brand through the design and feel of the headquarters itself. In the end, they decided on speed and passion – key elements of Porsche’s identity – as the core elements behind the design of the new headquarters.

    For the public meeting floor, the team made use of understated Porsche brand and heritage elements. Adjacent to the staircase and reception desk, they constructed a model car timeline along the wall, an engine block display, a trophy display case, shelves containing scale models of Porsche cars, and a 1:1 scale mock-up of the 919 series Porsche racecar. They also made use of energizing grey and red colors to add to the now more active work environment.

    The staircase was of particular importance as a main design feature of the headquarters. The staircase connected all of the floors vertically and spoke to the overall language of speed and passion for the Porsche brand. It also served as a major meeting point within the office landscape and helped to foster communication and collaboration among the employees.

    By adopting the language of the Porsche brand, highlighting its heritage and racing history, and promoting a more agile workspace philosophy, anySCALE helped to firmly establish Porsche’s identity and position in Shanghai through their new and exciting headquarters.

    Design: anySCALE
    : Xia Zhi, JEB, Porsche China