• Client Coolline Agency,
  • size 2,691 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Surat, India,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Sharan Architecture+Design was tasked with the design of the Coolline Agency offices, a private air conditioning retailer located in Surat, India.

    The office is characterized by a simple yet sophisticated identity and designed to encourage a lively work space. Based on an open-plan, the office is segregated into the required departments and workstations, where hierarchy is maintained by variation in size and ambience. From formal spaces like the conference room, accounts and directors office to more vibrant think-out-of-the-box spaces and brightly lit workstation, the office caters to a range of work modes.

    An interesting feature (being an air conditioning system office) is the exposed “Copper Pipes” of the air conditioning system, allowing clients and visitors an insight into the working of an AC system. The exposed ducting and AC system offer a remarkable contrast to the high-end material palette employed across the space.

    A combination of Veneer and natural wood in dark shades and stark matte finishes of metal infuse a sense of warmth. The dark veneer on furniture and walls, at eye level, is balanced by contrasting grey ceiling tiles and beige terrazzo flooring.

    Colorful pieces of furniture and graphics throughout add a dimension of play, while sleek and stylish elements like the copper pipe staircase railing and door handles introduce an element of quirkiness and give the space a sense of style. An installation, “Our Global Footprint” represents a world map composed of varying AC copper pipes and activates the central office zone. With the brand’s global footprint highlight on the map, the work of art doubles up as a pride-instilling and motivating tool that clients and employees can identify with.

    Design: Sharan Architecture+Design
    Photography: Sebastian Zachariah | PHX India