Hyperion Offices – Beijing

  • Client Hyperion,
  • size 6,501 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Beijing, China,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • PLAT ASIA has completed the office design for leading distribution company, Hyperion, located in Beijing, China.

    This project locates in a commercial high-rise building; the client is an international trades company. The site consists of the office zone, public exhibition hall, twilight corridor, and nature courtyard. We concentrate on the mental feelings and the method of releasing stress in the workplace. As a result, we have anticipation to suppose a design trend for the future workplace.

    At the office, creations, exports, and appreciation is usually a positive reward, in actually, the negative influences and emotions encounter with us. Usually, people prefer to choosing an extraordinary lifestyle to take relax. Thus, when the ordinary and extraordinary scene exists correspondingly, there allowed releasing the negative pressures.

    The public exhibition hall is the first sight once entering, which includes two scales of meeting rooms, pantry, dress room, and a live stream room-five functional volumes. We inspired by the broadcasts of cultures of the company’s trades. Therefore, the concept developed on a prototype of a concrete exhibition hall, where we situate a bench and exhibit several artworks. The texture of concrete creates the scenery of the museum. Simplified structure, façade, and grey walls in lines generated a tranquil space; minimal interior reset the complex emotions. It is spotless in the exhibition hall, which forms a space for encountering, whispering, meditating, and feeling a sense of belongings.

    As an expansion of an extraordinary life, the mental freedoms could appear in the exhibition hall, whereas, the typology of behaviors, manners in communication, and social activities would occur in the nature courtyard. The leisure bar, multiple meeting rooms, financial office, tea house, and president office sequentially posited in the nature courtyard, which floor is full of gravel. Natural and scattered gravels make space available to roaming. The multi-function meeting room isolated from the gravels pool, which is entirely enveloped by the timber grilles and owns only one entrance route. When close or open the gratings door, the meeting room could switch to a multiple-stage. The VIP entrance look likes a branch accessed to the natural route.

    The western area faces to the fabulous city scenery; the narrow, long, and perspective grilles corridor is posited here, which is the only way between the public exhibition hall and the nature courtyard. We especially expand this corridor to the edge of the site in a long distance. The gratings along with the glass façade balance the cold and solid glass steel structure with the warm and softy timber. At twilight, the sunlight showers in the corridor and sculpts a line and line shadows on the floor; with the flows of time, passing through the passage became a ritual process and particular experiences. The twilight corridor reflects spiritual meanings and philosophy thinking, supports to the recovers of spirits. Interestingly, the long corridor stimulates the curiosity of guests and pushes them forward and creates imagination in an unpredictable space.

    Design: PLAT ASIA
    Design Team: DH Jung, Guowei Liu, Jingyun Lian, Dongsheng Xiao, Xinwei Liu
    Photography: Arch-Exist Photography