Lambsrock Offices – Bangalore

  • Client Lambsrock,
  • size 2,000 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Bangalore, India,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • ma+rs were engaged by Lambsrock, a corporate management company, to design their offices located in Bangalore, India.

    Located on the second floor of a commercial building, Plexus is a somewhat rectangular floor space with windows running along three sides. This 2000sqft office space is designed to accommodate a growing project & cost management company, Lambsrock. The client came to us with a simple brief, an open studio space that enriched and positively enabled the people working in the space.

    The space is divided into two parts along the shorter side, one side holds the workstations, cabins and the conference room. The other part houses the reception to the front and the informal break out/lunch zone and toilets to the back. To make these two parts absorb and involve each other while also remaining distinct, we introduced a permeable wall. The wall is porous in the form of a mild steel grid – parts of which are fitted with birch wood boxes some for storage and some to house plants. The wall climbs up and wraps itself over the ceiling of the space and is fitted with small star lights at intersections thus creating a plexus of stars over the workspace.

    This wall is a threshold of sorts, between the public and private parts of the office. And therefore, integral in ensuring the space functions as it needs to, creating a sense of comfort in the people bustling in and out. The plants and the bright yellow walls embracing the reception add to the overall design and contribute to creating a warm, inspiring, effortless and open space.

    Design: ma+rs
    Design Team: Indulekha, Anisha, Sabyasachi
    Contractor: Lissom
    Photography: Manoj Sudhakaran