LaSalle Investment Management Offices – Tokyo

  • Client LaSalle Investment Management,
  • size 12,917 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Tokyo, Japan,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • System-O Design Consulting has finalized the design of the LaSalle Investment Management offices located in Tokyo, Japan.

    The concept for this project started with the idea of consolidating 2 offices, LaSalle Investment Management and LaSalle REIT Advisors, into one location to accelerate communication. Above all, LIM’s previous offices were already divided into several clusters within their premises, and management was difficult and making communication extremely difficult even though they were in the same organization.

    Taking great advantage of the view of Tokyo Station/Marunouchi Area, sophisticated, professional, mature and timeless design welcomes guest into the Client Area where crisp interior architecture creating an atmosphere that provides trust and security. The soft and natural materials such as acoustic fabrics and wood paneling/doors are well balanced with the hard-lined LED light fixtures imbedded in the urethane painted panel joint grooves. Even in a space with tension, it gives some softness by adding some organic features with art pieces.

    The café area surrounded by glass walls was placed in the center of their premises so that both LIM & LRA can access to improve their interaction. Since the workspace has been borderless and transparent, people’s minds have been changing towards more open to new ideas of how to utilize their workplace in one of the most prestigious area of Tokyo, Japan.

    Design: System-O Design Consulting
    Photography: Ikunori Yamamoto