Bacardi Offices – Milan

  • Client Bacardi,
  • Year 2019
  • Location Milan, Italy,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • Il Prisma were engaged by spirits brand, Bacardi, to design their offices located in Milan, Italy.

    What is Bacardi in people’s lives? Is there a way to reach the company’s employees with the same power of identity? Our challenge was to solve this query by designing a work space capable of activating the sense of belonging.

    Decoding the iconic moments in which people get in touch with the Bacardi brands enabled us to identify their meaning for the consumers. We named them the “Living Moments”, translating them in three thematic areas of the new headquarters office space: Home, Clubar and Distillery.

    Final Experience
    A place of strong identity that presents a variety of its brands in three fundamental moments of life: family, conviviality and heritage. A place that, as a whole, narrates the identity of Bacardi and is also a showcase of its best labels.

    Glam and Business in the new offices of the skyscraper in Piazza Diaz
    To feel the pulse of one of the world’s most vibrant cities and be closer to clients, consumers and young talents. These are the reasons that guide Bacardi to open a headquarters in Milan. The new offices on the fourteenth floor of the skyscraper in Piazza Diaz, right under the legendary Terrazza Martini, host the company’s sales and marketing departments.

    Feel Yourself at Home
    An area of open space made of personal areas, all customizable, with magnetic glass boards to enhance productivity as well as fun; warm colors and plenty of green for a cozy atmosphere. “When you join Bacardi, you join the family”, goes the company’s slogan. Indeed, the Home area is the space where you can feel yourself at home and, at the same time, in harmony with the Bacardi’s DNA. That’s also thanks to the digital wall, which projects the Brand’s business information and social messages.

    Clubar, a homage to the Milanese and Italian mixology
    Inspired to the Milanese cocktail culture, the Clubar space is dedicated to moments of relax and conviviality. A place of encounter, but also a display area, with many different Bacardi brands and labels that populate the shelves of the ex-Martini Bar, now adapted to the office life. The call of Bacardi is constant and strong, present in the smallest furnishing details. Like the print pattern on the bar’s pillars, inspired by the tile motif of the historical factory in Puerto Rico.

    Distillery, distilling new ideas and rediscovering the origins
    Red bricks and exposed pipes, tech and connoisseur appeal, and furnishings that evoke the history of Bacardi. The Distillery area is, in fact, the utmost expression of the Brand, designed to taste its essence. A meeting room that favors the exchange of ideas – a brainstorm, but also a brand discovery, where the walls become a tool that helps restore the origins of Bacardi as well as highlights of its history. Not only they tell the fame of the most consolidated brands, such as Grey Goose and Bombay Sapphire, but also offer 15 minutes of celebrity to the emerging labels, such as St-Germain, Leblon, Aberfeldy, Aultmore, Santa Teresa 1796, to name just a few.

    Design: Il Prisma
    Photography: Vito Corvasce