Perot Family Offices – Dallas

The new Perot Family office in Dallas provides a deeply rooted and unifying space committed to building authentic connection amongst the many divisions of the Hillwood and Perot companies.

  • Client Perot Family,
  • size 169,022 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Dallas, Texas, United States,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Mithun was tasked to design the offices of the Perot Family, an investment service company located in Dallas, Texas.

    Considering the future of their companies and the next generations of their family and team, the Perot family began looking for a site in the heart of the Dallas urban fabric for a central campus location to unify the many divisions of the Hillwood and Perot companies and to connect to the Dallas community. The selected six-acre site along Turtle Creek provides a perfect opportunity to create a new heart for the Perot companies that is both intertwined with the community of Dallas, and the natural environment of the Turtle Creek riparian corridor. All are welcomed to the campus by a majestic live oak tree—the sentinel of the site. It is the beginning of a story that teaches about truly deep roots, an authentic connection to place, and a seamless integration of design concept through space and across disciplines.

    Connect to Nature & Community
    Unique site features drove the space planning approach, and themes of nature flow through the project. The tree canopy surround is a prominent feature of the interior—planned as a treehouse, the building’s visual connection to the outdoors creates inspired workspaces with views that promote big picture thinking.

    Deep Roots, Global Reach
    Rooted in Texas and deeply dedicated to the country, this family and their business approach offers an exemplary model for American companies in the global sphere. Local, domestic and natural materials are expressed in a timeless, forward-thinking way that welcomes visitors from all over the world. Primary finish materials are limestone, glass, white oak and bronze, reflecting the client’s desire for a space that is “classic, not classical.” Every detail was required to be long-lasting in terms of aesthetics and durability, while telling a conceptually strong story. The reception desk completes the narrative of the live oak, as two other trees from the site were salvaged to create a welcome at the lobby.

    Team First
    Dedication to the team extends to each employee. Every individual is a valued member of the family, and the design process incorporated staff involvement to ensure spaces support their health, productivity and success.

    This term—coined in early meetings—reflects the client’s commitment to uniting businesses and facilitating collaboration. The Intersection space brings people together to forge relationships, share ideas and find inspiration as they traverse office spaces and work toward shared goals. From the outset, space planning shaped the building footprint. At the center, the ‘Intersection’ defines the project’s heart and connects the building’s west and east wings. This glassy volume offers clear sightlines north and south to limestone outcroppings—a predominant site feature. Reaching out from the active, informal hub, the ground level offers a variety of gathering spaces—the boardroom for more intimate conversations and the legacy exhibit space, connected through a covered terrace to a broad lawn for events. The Intersection’s central open stair connects these spaces with transparent office and meeting space on the upper levels.

    Design: Mithun
    Architect of Record: BOKA Powell
    Contractor: Balfour Beatty Construction
    Photography: Erika Brown Edwards, Bruce Damonte, Laura Wilson