Playtech Offices – London

  • Client Playtech,
  • size 55,000 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location United Kingdom, London, England,
  • Industry Gaming, Hardware / Software Development,
  • Open Contracts has created the bold and vibrant offices of Playtech, an online gaming company located in London, England.

    Working with a forward-thinking client we were able to introduce a number of innovative finishes into the scheme to help create an industrial look within a relatively modern space. The project was delivered as a design and build contract which enabled us to work directly with the user to adjust the scheme as we progressed through from the strip out. One of the many challenges we faced with this space was the height of the structural slab, the ground floor of MCP was originally designed for retail. Where possible we have utilized this to create a sense of drama and but have introduced open cell ceilings in other areas to make spaces more intimate. The sheer scale of the reception hits you as you enter the space, here the slab is exposed to show the 5.5 metre height which makes the space feel cathedral-like. We’ve then used the services to add a sense of proportion and clever LED lighting features to create a vibrancy.

    After acquiring a number of other businesses over the years, Playtech’s operations were spread over a number of different offices throughout London. This had obvious operational problems but more importantly, there was a culture issue with staff at the various offices effectively feeling like they were still working for different companies. Playtech wanted to bring the various teams together under one roof and work to remove the split between the different businesses.

    The client wanted to create a client-facing area with a reception, showroom and boardrooms that was to stand out from their other global offices. There was a need to create a large area for town hall meetings and a breakout area which would bring together the teams to one space to encourage collaboration and interaction.

    They wanted the design to represent the brand and create a young, vibrant and techy environment but the general feeling for the look and feel that it was also to be industrial and edgy.

    Design: Bartsoz Bergandy & MACdesign
    : Open Contracts
    Photography: Will Scott