Western Union Offices – Denver

  • Client Western Union,
  • size 350,000 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Denver, Colorado, United States,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Gensler has realized the new global offices for Western Union, a financial and communications company, located in Denver, Colorado.

    Since 1851, Western Union (WU) has been an innovator. A long legacy of connecting people has positioned Western Union as the largest money transfer company in the world conducting cross border money transfers in 200 countries and in more than 130 currencies. The belief that moving money can create a better world, is at the heart of their mission.

    With the decision to relocate their headquarters to a highly visible, 15-story building in Denver, they not only demonstrated their long-standing support and commitment to the city but also capitalized on the opportunity to rethink their workplace. They partnered with the design team to create a world-class headquarters that would support their mission, be grounded in the WU spirit, and connect to the local and global cultures through which they support.

    The new headquarters houses 1,700 employees in 350,000 square-feet, spanning 14 floors across two buildings. To eliminate silo’s, it was critical that the design team create and promote connections. Neighborhood planning is leveraged to break down the large open floor plates and provide a sense of place and community.

    Central to the design strategy is an emphasis on connecting people. All major design features throughout the project were thoughtfully crafted to not only physically connect employees throughout their vertical campus but also to connect to the spirit of WU around the globe.

    A stadium stair is located between the top two floors of the building and equipped with technology for broadcasting around the world. An integrated platform called the “conversation pit,” it provides connectivity between floors, is a venue for company-wide meetings and broadcasts throughout the world, or a place to socialize and meet co-workers for coffee. Anchoring each floor, and leveraging the best views from the building, is the community hub. Each floor has a unique design evident immediately when exiting the elevator by a vibrant backpainted glass lobby and continuing throughout to the community hubs, focus areas and open collaboration zones on that floor.

    A combination of small huddle rooms, focus rooms, conference rooms and private offices line the interior core, pushing the workstations and community hubs to the perimeter. This allows everyone to enjoy the incredible light and views the building has to offer, as well as providing employees choice and variety throughout their day and specific to their task.. This in combination with sit-to-stand desks and design strategies that promote movement throughout the day promote wellness within the workplace.

    A neighborhood planning strategy optimizes the floor plate efficiency while providing a mix of conveniently located focus and meeting spaces. Natural light fills the space and the open plan means that everyone experiences the majestic Rocky Mountain views.

    Each floor is inspired by a region of the world that WU serves with unique elevator lobbies, graphics, collaboration and huddle spaces. “Community Hubs” are also unique on each floor and are inspired by a gathering space that represents that region. Each becomes a destination motivating employees to discover and experience spaces outside of their assigned location or floor.

    Design: Gensler
    Contractor: Howell
    Photography: Eric Laignel