Rex Show Agency Offices – São Paulo

  • Client Rex Show Agency,
  • size 2,476 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Sao Paulo, Brazil,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Entre Arquitetos recently captured the office design of the Rex Show Agency, an advertising agency located in São Paulo, Brazil.

    The architectural project for the Rex Show Agency was developed to seek a better integration among its collaborators and facilitated the daily workflow, bringing solutions that provides comfort and identity in the space.

    With integrated work environments, daylighting, biophilia, and diversity of work typologies, we strive to provide quality environments to engage your employees.

    The challenge in this project was unifying two large rooms with mezzanines, the coverage of a corporate office building in Sao Paulo, and meeting customer demand in environments that facilitate internal workflow.

    The reception brings in its form and materiality a language that translates the spirit of the company into innovation. Using technology for design and functionality, a parametric design seat becomes the reception desk.

    The support areas such as pantry, bathrooms and cabinets were compactly organized in a single block, enveloped by slatted wood panels which also have acoustic functions. This organization has freed up a larger area of space for creative development activities, the heart of the company.

    Near to board of directors, we design a comfortable living area with integrated desktops, for meeting with employees from other areas, and holding quick meetings.

    Design: Entre Arquitetos
    Photography: Leo Giantomasi