Byton Production Base Offices – Nanjing

  • Client Byton,
  • size 148,219 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Nanjing, China,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • inDeco were tasked with the design for the offices of all-electric vehicle automotive brand, Byton, located in Nanjing, China.

    Nowadays, workspace is no longer merely a space for working, but also a place that accommodates people’s career, dream, life, communication, frustration and growth. What kind of workspaces can enable us to have some of the best time of our lives? Byton’s Production Base Office in Nanjing gives an answer.

    The event in Nanjing was held in its office building of the production base. inDeco approached the interior design of the new office, which well fits into Byton’s attributes and spirit. This was the second time that Byton entrusted inDeco to conceive its offices, after the Nanjing Headquarters.

    The designers took “tracks” — an abstraction of tire tracks, as the design concept, which is a design thread running through the entire space. Through drawing on flexible urban spatial pattern and vehicular transportation network, inDeco made the large workspace resemble a small city, which is filled with vigor and connectivity. Byton’s logo, the abstract “tracks”, as well as the material palette and color scheme specific to Byton, together form the space’s overall visual impression.

    What Byton tries to do is not just innovate automobiles but make people’s life more enjoyable. Considering this, inDeco created a space more than for working, which also provides a new lifestyle.

    Situated at Byton’s production base which is far away from the downtown area, it doesn’t merely serve office employees, but also all the staff of the production base.

    Considering that the architectural space needs to be adaptive to changes and provide an ideal venue for collective or independent activities, inDeco figured out a clear functional division. The first floor is an open multifunctional space, which accommodates canteen, shop, infirmary, yoga room, display hall and spaces for meeting and negotiation, while the second floor is mainly used as an office area.

    The design of this area follows Byton’s office culture, which aims to spark inspiration and improve working environment. It’s an office zone full of lines, flexibility and freedom.

    The open working area presents a modern aesthetic, and provides smooth sight lines. The ceiling and walls are geometrically segmented, overlapped and reorganized, which appear disorderly but in fact are given a kind of hidden order. Through subtle spatial organization and functional division, inDeco endowed the whole office area with new vigor.

    Movement tracks of automobiles are products of modernization. And ink marks of the traditional Chinese ink and wash painting on the ceiling also present a form of “tracks”, which represent the classy aesthetic taste of Chinese people for several thousand years, and also highlight the Chinese genes of Byton.

    Based on China’ cultural context, inDeco interpreted tire tracks of cars via abstract ink patterns on the ceiling. Those ink patterns are accentuated by light and reflected by glass, which generates illusionary visual effects. In this way, inDeco perfectly obtain the collision and fusion between the modern space and traditional artistic ambience.

    The unveiling of Byton’s M-Byte marks that the new product will enter the stage of mass production. It’s expected to be launched in the market by 2020, which will open a new chapter of all-electric automobiles.

    inDeco will keep striving to delivering solutions in a more efficient and quality way so as to create more value for clients, and will continue the efforts to facilitate the development of one-stop design & decoration industry via digital and intelligent means.

    Design: inDeco
    Design Team: Zhou Yan, Zhang Guoliang, Yang dan, Dai Wenjuan, Zhai Yiqiao, Chen Shupeng, Wan Xianglong, Wang Min, Fu Peipei, Wu Jingyao, Cao Yang, Li Runa, Guan Tiantian, Liu Xinyu, Song Jianhui, Qi Peng, Xu Zuopeng
    Photography: courtesy of inDeco