Škoda Auto Offices – Mladá Boleslav

  • Client Škoda Auto,
  • size 635 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Mladá Boleslav,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • VONT has completed the design and build of the Škoda Auto group offices, an automobile manufacturer, located in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic.

    Innovation as manifestation of life and creative development. The idol and the scourge of contemporary society. The drive behind all technological advancement.

    Joining creativity and intuition with high tech makes innovation processes more playful, flexible and effective. It encourages the loosening of conventional rules of play in the corporate environment.

    The INNO-SPACE U20 project was conceived by ŠKODA AUTO‘s Quality Management department, a strong representative of the traditional company culture. While keeping quality as the basic requirement, the workspace is creatively transformed using design and technology. Traditional company values can be shared in an extraordinary way thanks to the flexible space and high tech equipment. Roman Mogalle-Kiebler, director of Product Technology, is the patron of the innovative space concept. The project was realized with the support of Frank Schreier, director of Quality Management.

    The space is visually very different from the rest of the company’s environments and it is further set apart by its use of communication technology. The variable interior is equipped with smart audio-visual technology and state-of-the-art technical infrastructure – all of that as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

    The INNO-SPACE U20 project offers added work space capacity, makes common areas more attractive to use, and creates a high-end work environment option for the company. Apart from the INNO-SPOT and CREATIVE-ZONE spaces, the smaller work corners in the corridors function as alternative workspaces outside of normal offices, and can be used also before or after meetings, e.g. when a particular detail of the presentation needs to be revisited by a smaller group of people. INNO-SPACE U20 can be used for top management purposes as well as daily meetings.

    INNO-SPACE U20 is not just a test pad of communication, it also introduces new habits in the workplace, such as the much-needed relaxation time.

    The contemporary automobile combines high tech and easy operation. Function is supported by image and sound and the perception reaches a whole new dimension. The digital environment of the automobile’s cockpit can be customized by the user. These principles have imprinted themselves into the design of the innovative space and its equipment. The 4K television, 4K laser projector, interactive touch wall, BOSE sound system and the lighting are all extremely adaptive to the special momentary needs. Thousand times different and still simple.

    The design concept for INNO-SPACE U20 is based on the contemporary shapes and makes of the ŠKODA AUTO electric car’s headlights. High quality materials and finishes are used as a reflection of the company’s tradition. Natural materials (e.g. oak panelling) bring a more humane and homey atmosphere into the mix. The combination of design, materials and equipment promotes a playful and alternative approach to well-established processes.

    Design: VONT
    Photography: Jakub Skokan and Martin Tůma at BoysPlayNice