Fusion Core Offices – Moscow

  • Client Fusion Core,
  • size 8,073 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Industry Gaming,
  • T+T Architects realized the office design for Fusion Core, a computer game developer, located in Moscow, Russia.

    Kitchen instead of Reception, game consoles and white carpets. The new “Blank Office” of the computer game developer Fusion Core, designed by T+T Architects.

    Fusion Core Company develops computer games. It started operating in Russia in 2015 and today studio’s games have the audience over 2 million people worldwide. Due to increasing of the Company, there was request to the new office. The development of the project was entrusted to the Moscow architectural bureau T+T Architects headed by Sergey Trukhanov. Total space of the office, which is located in business-center “Alcon” on Leningradsky Ave., is 750 sq. meters.

    The focus of the project was on the continuity of space and work processes. Most of the employees are programmers and artists that is why comfort and convenience of work come to the fore. So as not to limit creative thought, bureau chose “blank” concept – prevalence of white color, low-key accents, open communication systems and uncommon for offices white carpet. The combination of these techniques made it possible to achieve maximum transparency and airiness.

    The office’s planning solution also incorporated the principle of an open workspace, where all employees can interact with each other. Working zones separated from the corridor by metal racks with built-in flowerpots with plants.

    The central area became not the usual reception desk, but the kitchen. It is a recreation zone, area for corporate events, as well as the main center for informal communication. The interior is made in contrast to the main part of the office – dark tones, with expressive texture of wood in furniture as well as an accent lamp with PlayStation logo.

    The office is a perfect place for kinesthetic people. Architects added many touchable materials, which add comfort to the work places: wooden floors in conference rooms and offices, loft-style stained windows, metal covered walls, dark dense curtains in conference rooms.

    In the dressing room, you can find a brick wall, behind which shoe rack is hidden. In addition, the wall turned out to be symbolic – the employees themselves participated in the creation of masonry on the construction site.

    Design: T+T Architects
    Design Team: Sergey Trukhanov, Karadzhan Daria, Anna Mochalova, Alexandrova Sofia
    Photography: courtesy of T+T Architects