Ożóg Tomczykowski Offices – Warsaw

BIT CREATIVE Barnaba Grzelecki has designed the offices for tax attorney firm, Ożóg Tomczykowski, located in Warsaw, Poland.

The Ożóg Tomczykowski office with an usable area of about 726 m 2 , located on a 6. floor of an Nowogrodzka Square office building in Warsaw, was designed to combine functionality and ergonomics with the simplicity and elegance, highlighting the professionalism of a one of the top law firms on a Polish market.

The significant task was to design a space plan, which, while maintaining the traditional closed office layout, allows to accommodate a space which provides the “breathing room” effect. In the center of the plan a kitchen was designed, which by the means of its vast glazing, visually connects conference rooms, the library and the open-plan workstations, allowing to achieve the open space effect. On the other hand, particular departments were located in the closed, glazed office rooms. The additional advantage is the location on the highest floor of the building. The vast terraces with vistas over the Warsaw city center underlines the formal nature of the office.

It was very important for the investor, that the design was unique both in terms of its visual and functional values, as well for the used materials to be of the highest quality. The use of the original wall finishes of black, navy blue, golden and dark-green colors emphasize the aesthetic sophistication. The particular attention was given to the choice of furniture and upholstery. All this is complemented by the use of architectural concrete, parquet flooring, marble and the original lighting. This is all how the office, that perfectly combines modern solutions with the present-day law firm office needs, was created.

Design: BIT CREATIVE Barnaba Grzelecki
Photography: Fotomohito