RS Components Offices – Milan

  • Client RS Components,
  • size 17,954 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Milan, Italy,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Tétris recently designed the RS Components offices, a global supplier of industrial components, located in Milan, Italy.

    RS Components, a leading company in the distribution of electronic, electrical and industrial components, has chosen Tétris as partner for the realization of the design + build project for the refurbishment of their new headquarters located near Milan. Brand identity, people, smart offices, technology, sustainability and interaction are the key factors around which the design of the project was conceived.

    The new workspace, which places people and their well-being at the center of the scheme, is in fact characterized by an innovative environment that fosters collaboration and interaction between employees with the aim of creating a sort of synergic “contamination” within the various company departments, enhance work processes and consolidate the belonging of people to a single work team.

    With a view to smart working, the offices have been set up in open spaces, eliminating the closed offices dedicated to the management who carries out its own activities sitting down in open space with the rest of the employees. Morover, in support of the new working approach cutting-edge technologies have been implemented to ensure an optimal use of all operating spaces.

    A variety of support spaces of different sizes have been created to being used for both individual and team work, allowing different levels of privacy. These are phone booths, useful for short phone conversations and meeting rooms up to twelve seats, reconfigurable according to each user’s need.

    To complete the space, a large made to measure break-out area equipped with a kitchen and informal corners such as a relaxation area with comfortable colored cushions that brighten up the environment and a play area with play station and table football for moments of leisure.

    As for the selection of furnishings and finishes, we have installed materials that recreate a homey and welcoming atmosphere valued by the choice of wooden elements and the presence of plants and natural vegetation that give a “green” note to the whole office.

    Essential to the design was also the customer’s request to integrate the brand identity of the Group into the space by using for the windows, the window decals and the carpet, a combination of colors with very bright tones of red and purple that visually recall the palette of the company logo.

    During the design and construction phases of the works, Tétris worked closely with the client, directly involving the employees, thus making them an active part of the change and business progress.

    Design: Tétris
    Photography: Davide Galli