WeddingNama Offices – Mumbai

  • Client WeddingNama,
  • size 1,100 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Mumbai, India,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • Quirk Studio recently completed the design of the WeddingNama offices, a luxurious wedding documenting company, located in Mumbai, India.

    A workspace that seeks to inspire through its avant-garde design, the WeddingNama office in Mumbai subtly represents the client’s craft through its fabrication. The designers adhered to the brief provided by the clients and curated a space that reflected their inherent creative style. They incorporated both rough and smooth textures as they intuitively chose to furnish the space in an eclectic style. The workspace, much like the client’s work aesthetic, amalgamates old world charm with a modern twist.

    The floor plan of the workspace is designed to suggest a free flow of communication by not limiting the workplace into sections. Additionally, by adopting a flexible layout, the workspace appears a lot more roomy and functional. The space is surrounded by an all encompassing step-out terrace that lets in a lot of natural light and also doubles up as a break out zone for the employees.

    To capture the essence of the client’s craft, various elements that draw inspiration from their body of work have been incorporated. The vivid hues, studio lighting, and massive Victorian frames that showcase their projects make for a great customer experience.

    The future focused workspace features a brainstorming section, cabin, pantry and a screening room that also doubles up as a lounge. The cabin features a deep blue backdrop that emits a zen-like vibe, fitting for holding meetings and entertaining clients.

    The various furniture pieces that adorn the space, are each a piece of art. The apothecary table in the workspace that is set up against the bold and off-beat seating, the fall ceiling that gives an edge to the space, the graffiti wall backdrop, along with the suspended luminaries all come together and make this studio an unconventional working environment and reflect the company’s culture.

    Design: Quirk Studio
    Photography: Pulkit Sehgal