Cerebra CPAs & Advisors Offices – Istanbul

  • Client Cerebra CPAs & Advisors,
  • size 16,458 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Mürekkep Tasarım Atölyesi was tasked with the design of the Cerebra CPAs & Advisors offices, an accounting and advisory firm located in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Cerebra CPAs & Advisors’ office, which provides accounting, auditing and consulting services in a wide range of industries in Turkey is located in Mecidiyeköy, Istanbul. The 600 m2 office is planned according to the intended use, with the reference of the existing core of the building’s rectangular plan.

    In the layout project, the space distribution is based on a horizontal axis that divides the space into two. The front part is reserved for the entrance area, meeting rooms and executive rooms; while the back part is considered as working and socializing areas. Also, semi-transparent areas were created in the meeting rooms by using glass as a space divider to maximize daylight in the entrance area.

    While the entrance part is formed with a cactus garden and a reception desk; from this part, the user is accompanied by a linear LED lighting–which are all around the core- is thought to indicate the circulation areas.

    In the executive rooms, basic needs and functions are kept the same and only material and color changes are made for the user.

    The small meeting rooms in each executive room are divided by glass separators. Thus, the space functions of the company may change in line with the possibility of long-term growth and capacity increase.

    In the open office and in the socializing area, the use of color and creating green spaces continued to increase the employee motivation.

    The distinction of the social area with the open office was again made of glass cubes with bamboo trees. Material balance in the whole place is achieved by using wood, concrete and corporate color.

    Design: Mürekkep Tasarım Atölyesi
    Design Team: Merve Aksoy, Eray Aksoy, Meriç Hepsağ
    Photography: Aykut Lor