Munich Re Offices – Milan

  • Client Munich Re,
  • size 18,299 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Milan, Italy,
  • Industry Insurance,
  • Progetto Design & Build were engaged by global insurance company, Munich Re, to design their offices located in Milan, Italy.

    Contemporary spaces and timeless elegance. They are located in the now defined technological and financial heart of Milan, a city increasingly oriented towards the future.

    The new offices of the German insurance company Munich Re give a modern and elegant identity to the last three floors of a recently-built building that overlooks at 360 ° the most iconic architectures of the city.

    A “shared” design process followed step by step the layout of the space resulting in the development of a layout suitable for all user needs, evocative of corporate values, recognizable, representative and stimulating.

    An important goal has been reached, which went beyond the creation of a comfortable, beautiful and safe work space, but also managed to positively influence individual as well as team work.

    The custom-made design solutions, like the inclusion of vegetal elements, the cozy relax area and a variety of multifunctional meeting rooms, take inspiration from environmental psychology studies and are able to positively influence the ways of working.

    The pieces of furniture are functional and elegant with height-adjustable workdesks, ergonomic seats and personalized light points present in each workstation to provide the greatest possible comfort to the workers and optimizing their efficiency.

    The entire workplace, bright and comfortable, hybridizes with the annexed support areas and this solution contributes to give life to areas with a flexible and mixed use. Collaborative areas foster socialization between employees and strengthen the corporate brand identity.

    Special attention has been paid to the choice of materials: the use of wood warms the environment and creates a balance with the transparency of the glass which, in turn, widens the environment and gives great brightness to the spaces.

    The thoughtful use of color (including the firm’s signature blue) for forniture and graphics detailing in every common area, promotes a sense of well-being and pleasant perception of the whole environment. Technology is an invisible but perfectly integrated part of the design.

    The new ”smart” office welcomes cutting-edge digital media, from the reception with virtual technology in the welcome hall to the numerous devices that allow everyone to be always connected and to better exchange information.

    In an elegant and contemporary space, the shades of blue – a reference to the corporate identity -, the works of art and the green elements stand out to make the space unique and exciting.

    For the new Munich Re Headquarters, created by Progetto Design & Build based on the design concept of Progetto CMR, there was right form the start the will to create a successful workplace by understanding the needs and behavior of the people who use the space.

    Concept Design: Progetto CMR
    Build Design: Progetto Design & Build
    Photography: Andrea Martiradonna