Musashi Blue Box Offices – Jerusalem

A Japanese Israeli technological venture, the Musashi Blue Box was converted from an old hangar into a beacon of architectural creativity and innovation in Jerusalem.

  • Client Musashi Blue Box,
  • size 5,490 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Jerusalem, Israel,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Meron Levy Architects recently realized the design for the Musashi Blue Box, a technological venture, located in Jerusalem, Israel.

    In just four months, Meron Levy Architects completed an innovative design for a new type of office, on the heights of Neve Ilan, Israel.

    In an old hangar, on the hills of Neve Ilan, hides a unique blue architectural box, the new developing center of Musashi, a Japanese Israeli technological venture. Like an architectural Russian doll, the concrete hangar, originally designed to be a TV studio, accommodates a blue steel frame, which in turn contains another box, this time made out of glass. In that way the glass, steel and concrete fuse in every corner and plane of the cube to become one whole ensemble, projecting an atmosphere of balanced order and harmony. Planned and built in just four months’ time, the Musashi blue box is a space for technological innovation and creativity.

    Design: Meron Levy Architects
    Photography: Shai Gil