Twitter Offices – Toronto

With community engagement, socialization and wellness at its core, the new Toronto home for Twitter embodies the key attributes of the social networking company's mission to facilitate global connection.

  • Client Twitter,
  • size 3,400 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Toronto, Canada,
  • Industry Technology,
  • ACDO realized the new office design for global social networking company, Twitter, located in Toronto, Canada.

    We worked closely with Twitter HQ’s design team and Twitter Toronto to develop a concept that would embody Twitter’s key attributes: bold, electric with a focus on creating connections amongst employees and collaborators.

    For this Toronto-based office, it was important that we connected Canadian-based makers, artists and furniture designers / manufacturers to bring a local feel and character to project. This aligns with the philosophy of Twitter in all its global offices. Working with renowned artist studio Moss and Lam to develop a custom wood mural and paintings at the entrance reception – creating a major impression within the space that incorporates Toronto landmarks and natural elements that embody the spirit of the City, along with framed works that visually portray collaboration.

    Natural materials including biophilic elements (wood, natural plantings and light elements) were incorporated throughout the space. There was a desire to include a lot of real greenery in the project to promote well-being. However, this desire wasn’t as sustainable because certain areas lacked natural sunlight. As a result, we specified the use of preserved plants and reindeer moss for the Commons and banquettes. These preserved plants still share the tactile memory of their previous existence, while requiring no maintenance.

    The whole space was designed to promote community engagement and socialization, an important aspect of wellness and wellbeing. Bringing natural wood elements, artworks and greenery into all areas provides a human centered space with a homelike feel. We have incorporated lounge chairs that were specifically designed for Expo ’67 in Montreal

    Design: ACDO
    Artist Studio: Moss and Lam
    Photography: Scott Norsworthy