T-Mobile Offices – Prague

A highly custom interior that reflects the global telecommunications company's brand identity, T-Mobile's Prague workplace provides employees a connected and pleasant environment.

  • Client T-Mobile,
  • size 36,597 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Prague, Czech Republic,
  • Industry Telecommunications,
  • CAPEXUS has realized the flexible office design for the T-Mobile offices located in Prague, Czech Republic.

    The reconstruction of the offices brought the largest Czech telecom operator a modern desk-sharing space with sophisticated design and details. The transformation was implemented while the office was in full operation and the result is an interior that not only ensures the comfort of all employees thanks to clever zoning, but also features the use of natural elements and colour motifs to create a pleasant working environment.

    The collaboration between T-Mobile Czech Republic and CAPEXUS changed the character of the workplace – the employees moved from small, enclosed rooms to an open space that adapts to the activities being performed. In the new offices, employees have places for teamwork, independent activity requiring focus, and an opportunity to relax.

    In its office transformation project T-Mobile fully benefited from the design & build service model, where the design, implementation and delivery of a custom interior is all done by a single partner.

    Each team of approximately 20 members is assigned a specific base – the so-called neighbourhood. It includes a special section called a focus hub, which is intended for up to four employees. It features mobile walls, thanks to which it can be divided into three separate rooms.

    T-Mobile’s corporate identity was brought to the interior by repeating the square motif that appears in the company logo. The main objective was to avoid the primary colour, magenta. The architects chose blue, orange, green, yellow and teal in various shades, instead.

    The whole transformation took place with the aim of minimizing environmental impact. Internal messages are projected onto LED screens instead of using paper post-it notes. Soda makers are placed in the kitchens, reducing the consumption of plastic bottles, and there are sorted waste bins in the offices.

    Design: CAPEXUS
    Photography: Petr Andrlík