Mediatain Offices – Bamberg

  • Client Mediatain,
  • size 1,615 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Bamberg, Germany,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • Göhring Innenarchitektur recently designed the Mediatain offices, a software solutions company located in Bamberg, Germany.

    The digitalization changes everything: the way we live, the way we work.

    The associated change in everyday life is made easier with the help of digital tools such as gamification.

    Gamification is the use of game-typical elements in a non-game context. The idea behind it: playful learning for a lifetime.

    In this context the company Mediatain, which was founded in Bamberg in 2017, designs efficient and innovative software solutions using agile working methods.

    The company’s new premises are located in a rebuilt fabric factory in Bamberg, a listed, historic symbol of the industrial era right in the middle of a modern architectural area.

    The interior of the former fabric factory hall combine the main components of the location and the start-up: the philosophy of the contemporary company with the most modern technical equipment and the industrial charm of the historic building.

    In the entrance area, the original masonry walls form a strong contrast to the modernity and materiality of the furnishings.

    This zone welcomes visitors, enables undisturbed meetings and is equipped with a flexible meeting area including an integrated kitchenette for larger meetings or breaks.

    The main room offers classic desk sharing workstations that are also available for coworking, as well as an acoustically separable informal retreat area with leather swings.

    A separate recording studio and a multifunctional cinema room complete the requirements of the different ways of working.

    Design: Göhring Innenarchitektur
    Photography: Uligraphics