Ai Associates Offices – Kuala Lumpur

  • Client Ai Associates,
  • size 3,000 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
  • Industry Architecture Firm,
  • Ai Associates recently achieved a creative solution for their design offices located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    In today’s modern work environment, the emphasis is on a combination of user experience, collaboration, and flexibility. While these are the key qualities that AI Associates have creatively implemented in their new Kuala Lumpur Atelier, they have taken this to the next level by implementing an exceptional concept that reflects the company as a trendsetter of new ABW (Activity Based Working) office designs.

    The main design intention was to create a workplace that is youthful and symbolic of a creative and dynamic atmosphere. An “urban pop” style takes the lead as the key theme – the “urban” aspect of the design expresses a sense of modernism and biophilic representations (urban) while the “pop” element engenders colorful and attractive features that are “Instagram-able”.

    In terms of the functional dimension of the office, AI Associates’ design approach encompasses a deeper set of values. Spaces are configured according to users’ feedback on how they use the space based on different working styles. Throughout the office, the designers also employ multipurpose spaces and furniture that respond to changing work needs. Future expansions are also taken into consideration so that every square foot is optimally utilized. To ensure higher efficiency, new technology, innovative products, and the latest materials are used.

    From the office’s aesthetics to its functional forms and details, all these aspects culminate into a high-performance office environment that fosters productivity and creative thinking, elegantly reflecting AI Associates’ work culture of practicing transparency for better work communications and collaborations within teams.

    Design: Ai Associates
    Photography: Shea Studios