HIRA Industries Offices – Dubai

A design that infuses fun with sophisticated elements, Hira's third location in Dubai celebrates the materials manufacturer's commitment to quality and excellence.

  • Client HIRA Industries,
  • size 17,216 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Swiss Bureau Interior Design recently accomplished the office design for HIRA Industries, a building materials manufacturer, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    As Swiss Bureau unveils the last of our “Hira Trilogy” in Dubai, this recently completed design and build project located in DIP remains consistent with Hira Industries’ previous locations. Following the core story of making the “invisible, visible,” the design exposes the beauty of the typically unseen infrastructure of MEP, placing Hira’s raw products at the forefront of design.

    Designated as Hira’s main headquarters, it was imperative to distinctively define this environment, infusing the fun with sophisticated elements. The two-story office conceptualizes rational and emotional reactions by ensuring the schematic design caters to the needs of its staff. Functional, efficient, and visually pleasing components together built a warm and welcoming experience requested by the client. Illuminated by bespoke lighting fixtures, the main centerpiece features a unique branding opportunity. Wooden slats are meticulously arranged atop the staircase, encased between two large slats of glass, effectively creating a framed illusion. Multi-functional environments and flexible workspaces are plentiful, taking form in integrated nooks, collaborative zones, private phone booths, coffee bar, and an executive lounge fully dressed with eclectic furnishing and foosball tables.

    Keeping a sense of familiarity while adding a hint of elegance for an otherwise casual setting, Swiss Bureau continued an industrial loft aesthetic with a more luxurious palette of warm walnut woods, oranges, and deep blues. Rather than creating display cases as was done in prior designs, showcasing Hira products took a comparatively more subtle approach. Products are seamlessly harmonized amongst natural raw materials and highlighted within the space. Specially manufactured duct insulations are provided by the client, and Hira’s acoustic paddings are playfully installed throughout, dutifully managing the noise control needed for an open-ceiling environment.

    A reflection of Hira’s progression as a modern leading company within the HVAC, MEP, and civil construction industry, Swiss Bureau proudly delivers a space carefully designed to a detail of sophistication and innovation.

    Design: Swiss Bureau Interior Design
    Photography: Bahr Karim