SJR PrimeCO Offices – Bangalore

  • Client SJR PrimeCo,
  • size 3,000 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Bangalore, India,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • MIRA Design Studio recently achieved the design of the SJR PrimeCO offices, an elite corporate business tower, located in Bangalore, India.

    The Line Office’s design is a medley of colour, pattern and form, the balance of which has a striking impact on every user working or visiting , almost making it a conversation starter between the sales guy and the customer. Colours and patterns have an indispensable role, as a highlight of the office stimulating a cheerful vibe across the inhabitants. The 3000 square-foot office boasts of a 13′ feet high GI Sheet ceiling and a glass courtyard inviting the outside into the inside along with a glazing view towards the apartment. The office also works as an experience centre to showcase the fixtures/materials used in the apartment units and is built in MS wireframe structure resembling the apartment itself.

    The main entrance door is clutched with an exaggerated door frame drawing attention to the office space when one enter’s the apartment complex from the roadside. The custom made terrazzo cement flooring is used throughout the space in a striped pattern making it one of the prominent features in the office. The reception desk and its wall panelling follow the same flute pattern in a subtle palette camouflaging with the plain walls. Large floor to ceiling MS framed glass partitions with 10′ solid veneer doors enclose the conference room with beautiful wallpaper and custom made furniture. The pantry , however has a warm tone making the experience of a break out space calm and surreal, whilst pushing the chatting booth to the perspective end.

    A cluster of services overlap each other in a carefully designed open ceiling layout to integrate the AC ducts, electrical conduits, lights, speakers, sound system and wifi. Handles for all doors were custom made keeping in mind the respective room names for easy co ordination of routine and communal activities and finally the restrooms are not spared either in having a bold and loud tone. The office in totality screams maximalism in its every sense much like the client’s lifestyle.

    Design: MIRA Design Studio
    Photography: Nayan Soni