Sperlari Offices – Milan

  • Client Sperlari,
  • Year 2019
  • Location Milan, Italy,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • Il Prisma recently designed the offices for Sperlari, a renowned confectionery company, located in Milan, Italy.

    To feel at home in Milano just like in Cremona. This is design concept behind the new Sperlari branch that disembarks for the first time on milanese soil.

    The strong connection to Cremona manifests itself through the thoughtful design that recalls both architectonic and iconic elements of the city.

    The interior design experience is articulated through an itinerary that guides us through Sperlari’s history. The red color for instance, is a reference to the colonnade of the Duomo.

    ‍The journey begins right away, as you immediately encounter a timeline that traces the noteworthy moments of the brand history. The Break Area reminds us of a bakery: soft shapes and materials such as wood and leather continue to reference the Sperlari roots.

    The red Sperlari arcade recalls the monumental architecture of Cremona and circumscribes the Agile Area designed as a piazza. A place that feels like an outdoor environment where one can meet, exchange ideas and unwind.

    Iconic elements of the brand fill up the individual spaces – the various Meeting Rooms are themed: Galatina and Dietorelle, the first has a more informal feel, while the second has a smarter and more colourful dynamic.

    The furniture references the style of the Cremonese store, which is a bit vintage – with solid wood details and leather armchairs, designed so as to encourage flexible combinations of the present ergonomic workstations and mobile meeting tables that if needed, can be arranged into a theater configuration for talks and presentations.

    Design: Il Prisma
    Photography: Vito Corvasce