Paysafe Garitage Park Offices – Sofia

  • Client Paysafe,
  • size 24,757 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Sofia, Bulgaria,
  • Industry Professional Services,
  • Cache atelier has completed the design for the Paysafe Garitage Park offices, a leading global payment provider, located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

    This is the fifth office space Cache atelier creates for Paysafe in Sofia for the past five years. In this project, the studio looked for a variation on the theme of typical open space. Teams of 8-16 people are separated by partial glass noise barriers that only define the individual areas without separating them from each other. At the same time, the glass allows the natural light to penetrate as deep as possible into space and creates an almost invisible but functional barrier between the different areas of the teams. On the other hand, each team is separated from the main pedestrian distribution lines in the office by furniture separators and acoustic barriers, which serve as storage and seating modules.

    Central volumes in the functional composition of the space accommodate meeting rooms of different sizes, areas for collaboration and brainstorming, niches for making telephone calls. These central volumes organize and distribute pedestrian flows in the office as well.

    For the overall colour of the office space, references are made to Paysafe’s main brand colours, which appear as large coloured patches in the flooring and as fabrics in soft seating. Each meeting room is designed in one of Paysafe’s primary colours, with integrated decorative elements that can be easily replaced from time to time depending on the mood and wishes of users. The large common dining and rest area, which brings a more industrial spirit is the heart of the office space. The luminaires bring the necessary cosiness for such an area, and the amphitheatre seating overlooking Sofia is a multifunctional area, which is used for informal meetings, casual talks and meetings or presentations in front of the whole team working in the office space. The wall behind the amphitheatre element is magnetic and Cache atelier introduced 300 round magnets for it (again a reference to Paysafe branding) that add a new element of interactivity and dynamics in this area. Employees use and rearrange magnets to create different compositions or use them to attach information materials – posters, messages.

    Design: Cache atelier
    Photography: Minko Minev