First Sentier Investors Offices – Sydney

The design of First Sentier Investors' new office space in Sydney reflects the asset management firm's rebrand and core company values of empathy, consistency and transparency.

  • Client First Sentier Investors,
  • size 59,202 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Sydney, Australia,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • nettletontribe were engaged by First Sentier Investment, an asset management firm, to design their offices located in Sydney, Australia.

    Undergoing a complete rebrand marked an excellent opportunity for First Sentier Investors (FSI) to move to a purpose-designed space in Barangaroo inspired by the core company values of empathy, consistency and transparency.

    Empathy through valuing sustainability, composition and craftsmanship of materials, contributing to wellness and productivity. A bespoke workplace has been designed with a focus on quality handcrafted artisan elements that celebrate the principles of ‘wabi sabi’ through celebration of handmade imperfection.

    Consistency with specifications for the executive area carried throughout the workplace. Commitment to ESD and wellness standards are implemented in every decision, relentlessly.

    Transparency through a predominantly open plan layout, where the journey through neighbourhoods is delineated with bespoke joinery, collaboration nests and concealed lighting.

    The design reaches beyond workplace to create an environment. Spaces for retreat and relaxation ground the floor plate, providing restorative zones of a Parents Room, Reflection Room and booth areas.

    Merging Sydney’s genius loci with the owners’ Japanese heritage develops a workplace which inspires connectivity, provides comfort and delivers sustainability. Simplicity, nature, light, discovery and layering are key design drivers throughout the project; enhancing every element to establish FSI as a human-centred workplace, prioritising the individual’s experience within the space.

    From the outset, First Sentier Investors’ brief called for a design to distinguish them from their previous corporate profile and ownership, marking a unique opportunity for the workspace to have an intrinsic foundation in their newly established company identity and values. In addition, FSI’s goal to reach 6 Star Green Star and Gold WELLs ratings runs throughout, from the low VOC materials selection and unique lighting functionality to visual connection with the surrounding green and blue environs, and consideration of wastage and emissions.

    Design decisions were considered and deliberate, focusing on augmenting the potential of the space. Workstations were oriented around the distinct building form, maximising visibility to the surrounding business district and harbour, and with meeting spaces wrapped around the core, line of sight to the perimeter is maintained from most perspectives. A single superhub is centred on the upper floorplate, drawing people together to interact across departments and take teams on a journey through the space during their day. Collaborating with Cundall Light4, the workspace utilises circadian rhythm technology and artfully positioned lighting to create an environment that seeks to meet the highest wellness standards.

    Design: nettletontribe
    Stairs: Active Metal
    Photography: Tyrone Branigan