Toradex Offices – Lucerne

  • Client Toradex,
  • size 12,900 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Lucerne, Switzerland,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Jeffrey Ibañez has realized the design of the Toradex office, a computing coding solutions company, located in Lucerne, Switzerland.

    A technology company in the heart of Switzerland with rather old fashioned interior design have geared up to become a global player in the technology industry. Moving silos into agile workspace landscapes was a crucial key to this transformation and its performance goals. Together with them, we created a whole new way of collaborative working to achieve high-performing workplaces, providing better workspace experiences for all their office space users like staff, guest and clients.

    We engaged with Toradex management team through a series of interactive workshops to understand their corporate identity, character, vision and values of the company. Through these intense exercises, we created a human-centric work environment driven by acoustic design, workspace efficiency and performance. The delicate balance between hard surfaces and innovative acoustic cladding walls all over the office has proven to be an effective and cost-efficient solution for modern office interiors. The use of our inventive acoustic sails and integrated acoustic lighting provided elegance and comfort while maintaining a fun and contemporary flair to an innovative office landscape of the future.

    By recognizing the unique organization and the company’s purposes, we were able to deliver a unique personality to Toradex office space — a workspace everyone can relate and feel valued. An office to look forward to every day.

    Design: Jeffrey Ibañez
    Photography: Luzern Photostudio