Tubescience Studios Offices – Los Angeles

  • Client Tubescience,
  • size 108,000 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Los Angeles, California, United States,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Alfredo Catedral-Webb designed the offices of Tubescience Studios, a data-driven video marketing company located in Los Angeles, California.

    When Tubescience first laid hands on their new studio, they were dealing with over 100,000 square feet of blank canvas. Alfredo “Alfie” Catedral-Webb had the freedom to create something truly special, and the end result is an unforgettable office and production space.

    Although Tubescience is a thriving marketing and advertising company, there’s no trace of corporate sterility here. Instead, a youthful, energetic, and bright space fuels the artistic characters Tubescience employs. This creative energy also makes Tubescience Studios at home with its surroundings – the vibrant Los Angeles Arts District. Since the 1970s, prolific artists have been converting these warehouses and factories into incredible studios, whether they’re creating films, green technology, or interesting new forms of architecture.

    Creative Director Alfredo Catedral-Webb wasn’t the first to transform one of these industrial warehouses just east of downtown L.A., but he certainly brought his own unique vision to the project. In addition to designing the interior, Alfie also created the branding, wall art, and murals on the outside of the building.

    When approaching the interior of this space, his first priority was lighting – the foundation for all visual communication. Tubescience focuses on conversion optimized video, and a clearly illuminated space helps communicate their message through the lenses of two cameras we all have – our eyes.

    Although Alfie incorporated linear LED fixtures across the ceiling, the true inspiration for this studio was natural lighting. 30 skylights bathe this space in natural light throughout the workday, creating a connection to the outside world in all its natural glory.

    Lighting isn’t the only part of the natural world that finds its way into Tubescience Studios. Stroll through the meeting rooms, auditoriums, and production sets, and you’ll find no shortage of luscious plant life scattered tastefully across the walls, floors, and high ceilings.

    Greenery softens the harsh edges left behind by the studio’s former owners, but much of the industrial aesthetic has been intentionally retained for a satisfying balance of old and new. The end result is a harmonious mix of wood, stainless steel, and concrete. This material palette speaks to Tubescience’s emphasis on collaboration and flexibility in the pursuit of innovation.

    At the end of the day, Tubescience Studios feels like home. Soft furnishings in soothing shades like pale blue create the impression that this is your space. The strong botanical theme creates a subtle 70s vibe, echoed in furniture materials such as bamboo, rattan, and wood. Bananas hanging from the ceilings of meeting rooms challenge you to think outside of the box.

    Tubescience Studios breaks the rules in all of the right ways. Although the entire space is held together by the bold minimalism of a modern coffee bar at its focal point, one room can feel completely different compared to the next. One all-black, Victorian-esque bathroom might exude a nightclubbing persona, while the next may seem softer and more botanical. You’ll find wooden corners tucked away that feel palatial and estate-like, while other areas revert to an industrial aesthetic with the bold punch of concrete walls and floors.

    Tubescience Studios is an eclectic space that keeps you guessing no matter where you set foot, starting with the colorful exterior of the building. There’s a new surprise around every corner, resulting in a stimulating experience that’s not unlike jumping between pages in a comic book. Overall, the transformation of this building shows how we can easily repurpose existing spaces to meet the evolving needs of today’s creative word.

    Design: Alfredo Catedral-Webb
    Photography: Alfredo Catedral-Webb