Personio Offices – Munich

A space designed for a young, dynamic and fast growing company, the Munich offices for Personio reflect the software innovator's highly adaptable and start-up spirit.

  • Client Personio,
  • size 30,139 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Munich, Germany,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • INpuls was tasked with the design of the Personio offices, a software company, located in Munich, Germany.

    Personio is a young company with about 300 employees moving to new premises. In order to enhance the spirit of this start-up, they had been looking for open, flexible spaces. Located in the heart of Munich, The Hopfenpost building has a loft-like area of 2,500m² on one level.

    This space is to be designed for the young, dynamic and very fast growing company. The aim of the concept is to create an inspiring, representative and flexible working environment with open communicative spaces. To contrast that, opportunities for isolated and focused working were designed as well. The existing room structure is maintained in large parts.

    A complete redesign of all surfaces and the integration of new “cubes” create a flexible co-working space, a lounge canteen area, a total of 5 team offices, several telephone booths as well as smaller and larger meeting room and the central area for two additional teams.

    In order to comply the client’s request, the CI colour of light blue is blended harmoniously with natural materials and greenery. This will create the new Personio-World in early 2019 with a very clear design language.

    Design: INpuls
    Photography: Daniel Schäfer