Dataiku Offices – Paris

  • Client Dataiku,
  • size 32,292 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Paris, France,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • Yemanja was trusted with the design of the Dataiku offices, a computer software company, located in Paris, France.

    Yemanja ’s credo is to reconsider the way of seeing classical offices and consider office design as a human project before being a technical project. When building their new office, Dataiku needed an agency ready to help them bring their very own identity to life in their brand new 3000 square meters office.

    The very high ambition of the team in terms of layout and detailing level was a big challenge as they wanted their offices reflecting all the ways the atmosphere of the company.

    The final space embodies a well-balanced blend of poetry and engineering through a board of highly refined board games on a human scale. The idea was to bring cosy feeling mixed with craziness, dotting the space with a multitude of references that -almost- only the team can understand.

    One of the main objective was to create various spaces to satisfy all the needs of the teams : a training room, a quiet zone for all those who dream of being able to work in silence and concentration, a games room, a nap room to be able to charge batteries and of course lot of breaking areas among the space to relax.

    They wanted an environment to optimised the intelligence of the teams. A living environment in which it is exciting to work and which provides them the benchmarks they know and with which they can identify on a daily basis. The Dataiku team was 200% involved in the customization of their new office : A life-size false tree, a Hobbit hut covered with moss, giant teepees, all the wildest ideas have been adopted!

    The powerful Dataiku’s universe transport through a unique world never seen before. Arenas, to confront your teammates at retro games, Gardens, to have a break at lunch or meeting rooms with strange names to exchange with your team and stimulate your creativity. Full of pop culture and nerd references, this unique place in the heart of Paris could be the most welcoming of the French capital. The team will always make sure that you’ll definitely feel at home here.

    Design: Yemanja
    Photography: Jonathan Moyal