Focus Advertising Agency Offices – Shanghai

  • Client Focus Advertising Agency,
  • size 15,102 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Yushe Design recently accomplished the design of the Focus Advertising Agency offices located in Shanghai, China.

    Located at VOM Office Park in Shanghai, among the same ordinary modernistic “cubes”, the office of Focus Advertising Agency can be recognized at first sight due to its graceful installation expanding from the entrance.

    The page-like structure made by pure white waved steel plates creates rhythmically changing curves in the sunlight. Just like the prelude in a piece of music, it invites the audience to hear more about its mysterious story.

    As a native Chinese advertising agency who wants a more distinctive office for its new business development based on its enterprise culture—always armed with a vast number of information.

    To achieve this, the designers choose a classical symbol of knowledge—book as design concept instead of CPU, Data Cloud, database which seems more suitable for advertising agency after long discussion.

    The concept derives from the experience of reading and the definition of knowledge. People who love books may have this specific experience: holding a favorite book, even turning pages can be a ceremonial moment. Sitting solemnly as show of respect, make a long deep breath, use the fingertips to scrub the delicate and crisp texture of the vegetable parchment paper, and revel in the “brushing” sound when turning the page. Therefore, the design team creates a ceremonial tunnel functions as a spiritual reset. When people enter the office via this elegant walkway, they will even deliberately slow down and adjust their expression on the face, and slowly to start an unknown exploration.

    Design: Yushe Design
    Design Team: Xu Yi, Chen Xiao, Li Zhiqiang, Gao Shantong, Mao Lili, Zong Qianxiang, Chen Peng, Xu Jianguo
    Photography: Liu Anqi