Comma Lab Offices – Taipei

  • Client Comma Lab,
  • size 3,186 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Taipei, Taiwan,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • J.C. Architecture was tasked to design the offices for Comma Lab, a government initiative coworking space located in Taipei, Taiwan.

    With the surrounding of sunshine, the vitality of greenery extends to the inner space; shorten the distance between human and nature. People can discuss, eat together or have new chances to meet new people and ideas in Comma Lab.

    We decide to break with tradition and bring in flexibility design, also infusing the traditional Taiwan “eat together” culture, which represent the big family relationship between New Taipei City government and its citizen. Aside from one-way traditional conference, by separating the curving desk and galvanized iron sheets slides back and forth, people can join into different groups to start conversations while the speaker gives his speech with great passion. The design of translucent curtain in the conference area, maintain the privacy and the broadness of visual sight. Using the power of design, we not only can reduce the waste of disposable materials but giving back the space using right to users, meet the Sustainable Development Goals, changing our usual daily conference image.

    We aim to create an environmental-friendly, multi-functional and efficient working area, letting users to create their own space and meet the needs of rapid changes in this digital age.

    Design: J.C. Architecture
    Design Team: 邱柏文 Johnny Chiu, 王菱檥 Nora Wang,  鄭筑嘉 Marisa Cheng
    Photography: Kuomin Lee