PT Bank Mandiri Offices – Jakarta

  • Client PT Bank Mandiri,
  • size 8,073 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Jakarta, Indonesia,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • ASA The Office recently accomplished the design of the PT Bank Mandiri offices, a financial services company, located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    The design goal of The Corporate Secretary Group Office of PT. Bank Mandiri, Tbk. one of the largest Bank in Indonesia is to transform the image to be more liberal and support the transformation from hierarchy working culture to collaboration working culture.

    The design philosophy is working while feeling like spending time in City Park. It contains sparks and elements of the city park ,such as street, park trees, woods, shady, path, greenery, casual, relaxing.

    The ‘Pixelated’ featured wall in the entrance lobby is a symbol of the company vision to initiate transformation to the digital world in banking industry and the city skyline outline. The new pixelated pattern is also a disruption against company’s standardization material of High Pressure Laminate that always used in their typical lobby wall. The new pattern made from diagonal-horizontal-vertical rotation, flip and mixing colour derivate of the existing material. The display shelf symbolize the city skyline full of tall buildings.

    Visible from the reception area is the lounge and meeting rooms. The lounge wall covered in carpet tiles to enhance acoustic function and to create fresh looks combine with playful accent colourful rugs. While the meeting rooms focusing on function with a simple greenery carpet selection. There are two meeting rooms that can be joined into one large meeting room. The two meeting rooms connected to the breakout spaces with the availability to conjoined into spacious area to gather press conference of Corporate Secretary’s events.

    Inside the workspace or office area, the major statement will be the intricate curved carpet pattern with analogous colours scheme that brings new psychological effect to breaks the strictly and rigid working culture and also compliment the heavily grid workstation layout. To support the working habit as a corporate secretary office that dealing with numerous of events creation, in one of the office corner, equipped with giant ‘Universal calendar’ that is useful as a collaboration mapping board of the employees to display whole group’s event in the current month.

    Surrounding the open workspace area, there are some of private office of Managerial level , shaped as wooden small house in neutral colour tone, by using grid wood panel as a symbol of wooden city park bench. Meanwhile the Group Head private office offers surprising elements with scattered pattern represent of grass, concrete, wood. It combines vinyl and carpet flooring to bring textures and pathways as a symbol of the agent of change.

    The application of the concept design can be seen in many elements in the interior, such as hanging table in the breakout spaces inspired from a outdoor swing with the wrap of ropes in the hanging pipe. The Mural tells the story about city life of Jakarta, it applied with the simple lines style on the wall, more graphic style in the glass film and a cute kitchen story in the office pantry wall.

    Design: ASA The Office
    Design Team: Angela Bachterajaya, Hendra Wijaya, My Artsy Neighbour
    Photography: Mario Wibowo